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opportunities for seniors

Sunset Hall Supports Social Connection, Learning,
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Seniors deserve the peace of knowing that regardless of the economic state of the world today they have access to safe, affordable housing; food and medical care: the basics.  Equally important to maintain quality of life is access to additional community resources and educational, social and cultural engagement, to which Sunset Hall is a conduit.  Sunset Hall creates an environment where seniors choose to gather to advocate for themselves, to be heard and to have their needs known. 

Over the last year Sunset Hall has averaged 696 interactions per month to seniors who engage in the Sunset Hall curriculum and services, a combined total of 8,352 at six locations for the year!   We are embedded at Rosewood Gardens Senior Apartments, Seven Maples Senior Apartments, Tides Senior Apartments, Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing Triangle Square, Bethany Towers and Griffith Park Adult Community Club.  Four of these sites provide independent affordable senior housing.  We also have a growing number of seniors who live independently in the community who seek out classes, programs and engagement at several of our sites. Our services vary at the different sites and consist of  classes, senior health & wellness, financial and political forums; social and cultural gatherings and outings; companion transportation and information resources.  Sunset Hall provides many opportunities for seniors to gather as a community to voice their needs and concerns to political representatives about the economy, the budget cuts for Adult Day Health Care, and other senior services. 

Though Sunset Hall generates some revenue through the services we are providing at all of these sites, we need your help!  Your contribution now will help us continue to develop our current curriculum that serves participants at these six locations. Your support will also assure Sunset Hall’s ability to continue to partner with other intentional senior communities who are in need of the unique classes, programs, activities and informational resources that Sunset Hall can provide. Our task is to find new ways for seniors to be engaged and vital, to carry on as a model of an intergenerational and multi-cultural way to live.  Over the next year our services will continue to grow as we focus on intentional senior communities that welcome the presence of Sunset Hall and what we offer.

Your contribution is a commitment to the future, to carrying forward Sunset Hall’s extraordinary legacy.  With your support, Sunset Hall will be here for another 88 years, and longer, for the benefit of future generations of freethinking people, and for us ourselves as we reach our senior years.

With warmest regards from all the seniors served by Sunset Hall in the past,
all those to be served now, and in the future,

Fred Aronow
President, Board of Directors

Wendy Caputo
Executive Director